Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Peru, Lima temple is beautiful.  It was dedicated in 1986 and sits on a beautifully, manicured piece  of property.  So elegant and majestic.  It's too bad it was a cloudy, smoggy day when we took the following pictures.  It takes us about 8 hours to get to and from the temple: 2 hour bus ride on three different buses (you can't believe the traffic); a wait of 2 hours to attend a session because the temple is so busy; 2 hour session, and a 2 hour bus ride back.  We are thankful for this 8 hour trip to and from the temple.  It puts everything into perspective for us.  When we take our 5 minute drive from our home to go to the Ogden Temple in the future, we will definitely remember our 8 hour spiritual journey to the Peru Lima Temple each month.  

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  1. Hi dear friends! I hope it is ok with you if I use this photo in the ward history? Love to you!!!