Sunday, February 18, 2018

Ruth and I work in the Mission Offices.  They are located on a very, very busy street named Izaguirre.  It's always noisy with tons of traffic.  The Mission Offices share space with the Tahuantinsuyo Stake Center.  Our office space is quite small consisting of a main reception area, a room for the two Assistants to the President, a room for the records clerk, supply clerk and the financial clerk and a rather large room for the President's office.  We also have a storage room across the hall from the reception area where we keep all the supplies, mail and all the other things a mission needs.  It's not very large but it's our piece of heaven here in Lima, Peru.

Here is the entrance into the Mission Offices entering from the street.  The offices are located on the right hand side of the entrance.

Here is the view looking outside the entrance doors toward the street.  The door to the main office is on the left.
There is no sign on the outside of the building indicating that this is where the Mission Offices of the Peru Lima North Mission are located. There is just a small sign on the wall before entering the offices.
As you enter the office there is a reception area with a counter where everyone is greeted and welcomed.  A rather small area. This is where Ruth does her magic!  This what is looks like behind the counter.
To talk to the APs, the other office secretaries or the President you walk down the narrow hall to the office you want to visit.  The first door on the right is the AP's office, the next office on the right is for the other secretaries, and the one at the very back is the President's office. 
These are the offices of the APs and the other three secretaries working in the Mission Offices.  These offices are the "control center" of the mission.  The area at the back where the safe is located is my cubicle and space for two years!

The President has a really nice, spacious office to do his interviews, conduct training, receive guests and to relax.  He is not in his office very often because he is out in the field working, interviewing and helping our missionaries.
We also have a small office in back of the reception counter where we keep things that don't fit into the storage area.   A nice place to go to relax a little bit.
A must for all mission offices is a storage area where all the materials needed to run a mission are kept like pamphlets, Books of Mormon, report forms, videos, furniture for apartments and every other thing imaginable.  It's also used for our mail room and it is the most popular place in the mission.  Everyone wants to go into the storage room!  It's located across from the reception area.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

We have a nice, comfortable apartment for which we are very thankful.  It has a combined living room and dining room, a bedroom and bathroom, and a kitchen that is located out on the back patio.  We love our little place and enjoy coming home each day to relax and rest.

This is the building in which we live.  Originally, our apartment was on the third floor, but they ended up giving us the one on the ground level.  Boy, were we happy that we didn't have to go up and down three flights of stairs everyday.

Our extended living room and dining room.

Our bedroom and closet.

Our nice tiled bathrrom
Our patio, our kitchen located out on the patio, and our laundry "space" between our bedroom and kitchen.