Sunday, March 4, 2018

Ruth and I don't eat out a lot but we really enjoy the food in Peru. The Peruvian chefs take pride in cooking and preparing different menu items for their customers.  Here are some pictures of the food at one of our favorite little restaurants called "Le Leña".  Lima is known for its delicious grilled chicken cooked over wood in these big grilling ovens.

After being grilled the cooks take the chickens off the spit.

Then the chickens are put back onto another spit to be kept warn until they are served.

When an order comes in the cook takes the chicken off the rack and cuts it up in different sizes to be served.

Here is a plate of chicken all cut up and ready to be served.
We like to order salads, french fries, bowl of veggies and a nice, cold drink.  We love "chicha morada" which is a dark, purple drink made out of purple corn.
Right next door to the restaurant is a pastry shop called "Chantillys".  What a coincidence!  What a feast!