Sunday, September 17, 2017

 On the 13th of September Apostle Dallin H. Oaks visited Lima, Peru and several of the Missions in Lima were able to attend a special meeting with him.  Elder Oaks is the second Apostle to come to Peru since we have been here.  Apostle Quentin R. Cook came just shortly after we arrived to begin our Mission.

Leaving from the Mission Offices.

We have a busload of happy missionaries.  We filled five big buses to get all of our missionaries to the Mission Training Center in central Lima.

A quick picture of the scenery on the way.

Getting of the bus at the MTC, entering the MTC and going into the chapel.

Elder Oaks and his wife talking to the missionaries with their translators.

Our missionaries from the Peru Lima North Mission were asked to sing a special number:  Elder S├ínchez, Elder Anderson, Sister Bowe and Sister Barrera.  They were great!

Getting back on the bus and heading back to our mission area.  Sisters Rockhill and Leal enjoying a snack.