Sunday, June 17, 2018

In the area of Lima where we live it is very dusty, barren and dry. The hills near us don't have any type of vegetation on them.  Just rock, dirt and more rock.  The city is just one large conglomeration of buildings and streets.  There is no measurable rainfall in Lima even though it drizzles but no real accumulation.  The Peruvians are very resourceful people, so to make a dry and dusty place green and healthy they plant trees, bushes, flowers, etc., wherever they can find space.  We are very, very fortunate to live near a beautiful park right around the corner from our apartment.  This is where I go to walk and run.  It even has an outside shrine to the Virgin Mary. Here are some pictures of it.

When I finish walking/running I go pay my respects and devotion to the Virgin Mary.  Those are real flowers by the shrine.

As you can imagine, everyone congregates in this park, especially with their dogs.  I love the signs they put up all over the park that say:  "If your dog poops just make sure that you don't leave it. Clean it up".  People are really good about cleaning up after their animals.

The name of the park is "Los Gemelos" or "The Twins" because there is a lot of double symmetry in it's design.