Sunday, January 8, 2017

Getting around in Lima is always an adventure.  There are many types of transportation and Ruth and I have used almost all of them. Lima is dominated by the big, noisy buses.

There are smaller buses like Volkswagen vans that are called "combis" and they are used to get to the out-of-the-way places like up on the hills.  This is what we take to get up to our ward each Sunday.

Our favorite type of transportation is the "moto".  It's the most expensive but it gets us there really fast and avoids all the busy, busy streets. It's a tight squeeze!  They charge us about $1.00 to where we want to go.

You don't see a lot of motorbikes and bicycles in Lima due to all of the traffic and it's very unsafe, but there are few brave souls who use them.

There are about 10 million people living in Lima and we are convinced that 5 million of them own a taxi.  Taxis are relatively cheap, have no meters in them and you negotiate the price.  That can always be interesting.
Our favorite mode of transportation is walking to where we need to go if it's within a mile or so.  So many things to see and so much action happening on the streets.


  1. Dear Ruth & Tony, Love your blog... it lets us vicariously enjoy your mission with you, and it seem you two fit right in, as I knew you would. Hope all is well.
    Thought from Henry B. Eyring book "On the Path Home"
    Whoever you are and whatever you maybe, you hold in your hands the HAPPINESS of more people than you can now imagine. Love you guys Jo & Ken

  2. Glad to hear that you are following our blog and enjoy it. We enjoy doing it every Sunday. Some times we differ on what we want to put on the blog, but Ruth always wins! I really agree with what President Eyring said about how we hold in our hands the happiness of a lot of people. When it comes to paying the missionaries every month I hold over 200 of them in my hands and do I ever make them happy!! I know that is not what he meant but …………. Love you guys.