Monday, December 19, 2016

President Godfrey wanted to get every missionary a nice, soft, light blanket.  All they have are big, thick, wool ones that weigh a ton!  We found some really nice ones in the Mercado Central and we bought 240 of them.  They came in three big bundles that weighed over 300 pounds each.  Here we are standing next to the bags when they arrived at the mission office. 

President Godfrey asked us to attend the Deseret Ward up on the mountain side in an area called Tahuantisuyo.  We love the ward and its members.  We feel at home and are learning so much from the faithful saints in that area.  This is where we go to church each Sunday.
In spite of the dry, dusty and arid conditions in Lima, Peru (it hasn't rained there for years), there is always to be found beautiful, elegant flowers and plants right next the church.

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