Sunday, December 25, 2016

This past week was all about the wonderful missionaries who are serving in the Peru Lima North Mission.  What a fun and inspirational Christmas party they had.  First, a prayer and then they played lots of basketball, dodge ball, volleyball, ping pong, etc.

After several hours of playing, sweating and lots of competition, they were served a scrumptious lunch of steak, potatoes, salad and tasty desserts in a beautifully decorated cultural hall.

Our missionaries are so, so talented.  They all sang like angels, which they are.

After playing, eating, and performing they all went out into the neighborhoods around the Mission Offices and sang Christmas carols and gave away fruit baskets.  At 5:00 pm they returned to their proselyting areas and taught discussions, invited others to Christ and did what all missionaries do: love the Peruvian people. God bless our missionaries!


  1. Feliz Navidad y un prospero ano nuevo amigos

    Looks like a u are having a great time. Miss seeing u guys but w know that you are doing great work in Peru.

  2. Thanks, Paul & Elaine. Ruth takes all of the ill missionaries to the clinic (which involves a ton of paperwork), picks up all the packages sent from the US to the mission offices, keeps all of the cell phones working (which is a real headache), and a lot more that just happens at a mission office. I'm the financial secretary of the mission which keeps me up late, late at night figuring out how not to bankrupt of mission! I'm way, way, way out of my comfort zone. I'm also the office manager of the mission offices and the executive secretary to our mission president. I can handle the later two, but the financial secretary is something else. We love it!! Have a great and wonderful New Year. We think about you two often and are so thankful for your friendship. Cuídense. Tony and Ruth.

  3. Cousins Tony and Ruth, love reading your blog and hearing about the work you are doing on this mission. Didn't know you were gone, but got a message from Uncle Hugh's daughter, who you referred to me. She is going to do the sealing for Mom and Dad--soon. Love and good thoughts to you both. Cousin Connie