Saturday, November 12, 2016

We just finished our first week at the MTC.  It was a very inspiring, informative, inspirational and spiritual experience for us.  We return next week for more training and then we fly to Peru on the 21st of November.  Here we are the MTC in front of the world map pointing to our destination: Lima, Peru.  Can't wait to get there.

While we were at the MTC I had a wonderful experience: I met a missionary that served in the Chilean Mission at the same time as I did.  That was 50 years ago!  His name is John Doss and we served in the Nuñoa area together.  When he introduced himself everything I remember about him came back immediately.  He didn't remember me, but I sure remembered him.  Seeing him was just one of the highlights of our first week at the MTC.  Here we are with Elder Doss and his wife.  They are off to serve their second mission.

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