Sunday, November 20, 2016

On Friday we finish our 2nd week down at the MTC in Provo.  Like our first week, it was a such a wonderful and uplifting experience.  Our second week at the MTC consisted of office training and we covered all the administrative duties we will be doing in the Mission Office.  Here we are in the computer lab learning about the software that we will be using, etc.

While at the MTC this second week we ran into a young man that was in the inner-city Spanish-speaking ward where I was Bishop.  His name is Elder Pedro Flores.  I would like to think in a very small way I was instrumental in his going on his mission.  He will be a fantastic missionary.

Well, tomorrow, 21 November, we finally leave for Peru.  We have been anticipating this, it seems, for a long, long time.  To prove that we really are leaving, here our four suitcases loaded to the hilt and all weighting around 50 pounds, the maximum amount.  We had six suitcases but got everything into four!  In addition to all of this luggage we will have our carry on items such as computers, back packs, etc.

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