Sunday, August 6, 2017

Last week we did a tour of the old parts and new parts of Lima.  It was a lot of fun sitting on the upper deck riding through the different areas of Lima.

It was a busy day in Lima because it was the second day of their independence day.

So many small fountains and other plazas to see.
The liberator of Peru, José de San Martín.  

Walking on the streets was quite an ordeal.  You were just pushed and carried to where you wanted to go.

Our tour took us along part of the coast line.  Love to be so close to the ocean.

Some parts of Lima are very modern.  One place all tourists visit is The Park of Love.

Did we mention how nice it was to be close to the ocean?

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  1. Great pics, it was nice to remember back when we were there. Great news about Jerry & Kim, so glad they found a place that Kim could go, but so sad for Jerry I think he would love to go to Africa or Jerusalem, but Kim could not handle those, with her condition. Love and miss two. Hope is well. Love Ken & Jo