Sunday, March 26, 2017

There are always lots and lots of activities that happen at our ward and at the mission offices.  Below are just a few of them.

This is our ward:  Deseret.

There are lots of baptisms and getting ready for them.  Sister Breppe from Argentina knows what needs to be done.

After the baptisms there are always some light refreshments.

At the Mission Offices there is always lots and lots of training for our missionaries.  They are the best!

Another activity that happens once or twice a month are "mass marriages".  This is when couples who have been cohabitating get legally married.  We have had up to 15 couples all get married at once.

It's always nice to find some time to eat together with the office Elders on their preparation day and to get to know each one of them individually.  What a treat.

The Elders have a ceremony for sending off one of the office Elders who has been reassigned out into the mission field.

Someone inevitably turns down the air conditioning so that Elders Villagrán and Sánchez from Uruguay and Colombia have to wrap up in nice, warm blankets.  It really isn't that cold, but being from warm, humid climates it feels freezing to them


  1. Great pictures Tony, or I mean Ruth... Love you two and miss your sweet spirits... Praying for you always..

    1. Sorry forgot to sign our names. Ken & Jo