Sunday, March 5, 2017

One of benefits of working in the mission offices is enjoying the church art that is there.  We see lots of church art when we go to the temple or conference center or some other prominent church building.  Our offices are really small but we have about seven really inspiring pictures that we can enjoy everyday.  The offices can really get hectic, noisy, busy and just plain crazy with all the missionaries coming and going, plus every thing else that goes on.  It's so nice to be able to view, contemplate, meditate and gaze upon these pictures in the morning and before we go home at night.  To us they are very, very inspiring, uplifting and sublime. 

This is my favorite portrait of Joseph Smith.  This is how I have always visualized him, and not like the formal paintings of him that portray him very somber, resolute and statuesque.


  1. Love the pictures.. By the way Tony do we have any more temple names that need to be done, my sweet granddaughter wanted to know I had any names to do for baptism, just thought I would check. Hope all is going well for you two, we love and miss you both.